I'm a cartoon enthusiast, are you?!

If you are avid cartoon enthusiast then you must know that there are many animation shows that are aimed at the adult audience rather than children and infants. The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, “King of the Hill’’, Family Guy and Futurama are few of the shows that deserve special mention here. They are all definitely the most entertaining adult cartoon shows of our time.
There is also an “Adult Swim” animation show that the Cable channel Cartoon network broadcasts and it runs from 11 pm every night until 6 am in the morning, which is specifically aimed at teenagers and adult audience.
In the past two decades, there also have been adult oriented animated shows that originate from Japan and other parts of the Orient. These shows have been immensely popular with adults since they don’t edit out the main content, even though some of the language and scenes may be deemed as offensive by mature audience. There are also some scenic depictions that are unfit for infants and preteens but they all find a place in Oriental animation shows. Considering the norms of today’s society, some experts even believe that there is no reason to delete this content. A good number of adult audiences find this type of animation comedy scenes to be very funny and would like them to continue.

In America, The Simpsons was the first cartoon show that was aimed at the adult audience and although the show tackled some difficult and controversial issues of today’s society, it maintained a check on language and depiction of scenes. The dialogue in the show was funny and ribald and the central characters were loved by the fans. The story plot and scenery around the fictional town of Springfield was always interesting and contextual.

Family Guy was another great show by creator Seth MacFarlane. It has won many awards, alike the Simpsons show, and it was once cancelled and then revived by the TV channel that was first broadcasting it. Family Guy features an average family guy who has a propensity for drinking and is slightly dumb. He has a talking dog, a beautiful wife and three children, including one infant, Stewie. If you haven't seem the family of Family guy yet, you should really check them out; the easiest way is to watch Family Guy online at this website.

The story revolves around the life and times of this family as they encounter many hilarious situations. This show was mainly brought back due to the tremendous DVD sales of the back episodes of this TV series. It convinced the TV channel that there are still many appreciative fans of the show out there who would like to see their favorite show brought back to life.
The rest as they say is history.